Help me find it.....

So there's this fic that I haven't read yet....but my frnd on AFF has n she doesn't remember d name of d fic...n d plot has me intrigued here I am searching 4 it.
As she describes it, Jae has 2 kids in d story, Moobin & a girl ( she doesn't remember d name).
Turns out Moobin is his son with Yunho & d girl is changmin's daughter, who considers jae as a mother, & Moobin considers Changmin as a father. In an accident Changmin dies n Jae injures his leg. Moobin is a little too young to knw abt death n all, so he visits Changmin's grave everyday....where he meets yunho.
Hope some1 can really find this fic.....I wanna read it.
Pretty plz. Thnx in advance !
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[FIC] A Memorable Date


A young man in his early-twenties, rushed inside the cafe where his friends usually hang out. He puffed out air & rubbed his hands together while searching for his friends, it was really cold that morning. He again broke into run when he spotted them.He dropped on to the chair next to Yoochun. He helped himself for a glass of water, still huffing from all the running.' Where's the fire dude?', asked a mildly amused yoochun to his handsome friend.
Jaejoong just ignored him & started anyway 'guess what?', he said exited. 'you got fired' , answered Changmin nonchalantly. 'yah, would I be so excited about getting fired ',said Jaejoong. ' we don't know you're really unpredictable sometimes',replied changmin while sipping through his latte. 'yah..YOU....wait why didn't you guys ordered mine?',asked jaejoong.'what are we your servants, go get it yourself lazy ass', was the reply he got from changmin at which Yoochun snickered . 'Bastards',said Jaejoong rolling his eyes.
After a while jaejoong arrived with his latte,& this time Yoochun asked,'So Jae you were saying?'. 'ah yes,there is this really hot guy in my class , he just transferred today & when I say hot it means he is smoking handsome. I think i have major crush on him . I really wish I could go out with him . But oh well it's not like he will pop out in front of me & say , hey jaejoong wanna go out with me? And do you know he already has fangirls all over the college. They would slice me into half. Girls can be really scary when they are angry', just the thought of it made jaejoong shiver.' I'm doomed , i should really give up on him', said jaejoong flailing his arms around.'such a drama queen , comm'on let's get going i have a class at 1pm ', yoochun said & added 'and don't you have classes too in the afternoon'. To which jaejoong just nodded.changmin picked his bag,they paid & they left in opposite directions.
unknown to them somebody was there just behind their table, his back facing them & heard every single word of their conversation with an amused smile, while busy playing games on his mobile. he paid the bill & made his way out of the cafe & thought to himself " This day could get only better & better".He laughed merrily & walked towards the university.
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